Hadrien Durand-Baïssas


Hadrien Durand-Baïssas (HDB) is a French-born artist living and working in New York City. Trained in the visual arts, graphic design, and art history, HDB attended l’Atelier de Sèvres before working as an art director for LVMH’s 24 Sèvres, McIntosh, SFR, and BNP Paribas. In 2012, he began to exhibit original artworks at different venues in his hometown of Paris. HDB was soon recognized for his incredibly detailed compositions, combining mythology, esoteric symbolism, and dreamscapes. His hand-drawn artworks were showcased in over twenty exhibitions, including at the Espace Dali and Soho Arts Club.
HDB has most recently pivoted towards experimenting with new mediums that merge the worlds of design and technology. Currently developing a series of interactive light installations, he is focused on creating multi-sensory and immersive experiences that can be shared with the public. These new projects are imbued with a sense of wonder and nostalgia for a not-too-distant past when technology and innovation were intimately linked to humanity’s more utopian ideals. As an emerging figure in the contemporary surrealist art scene, HDB invites viewers to step outside their everyday reality and into the worlds of fantasy and imagination.
Challenging dualistic abstractions is a central theme in HDB’s work. As audience members become active participants in the creative experience, boundaries between observer and the observed dissolve. What was once separation becomes unity. Friction turns to alignment. Harmonic balance is restored.

Artist's CV

• 2012-2015 Graduated - Art Director/Graphic Designer : Digital/Print IESA Multimedia Paris, France
• 2010-2012 Studies in parisian Art School - L’Atelier de Sèvres Paris, France
• 2010 Literary baccalaureate ARTS - Institut Sainte Geneviève Paris, France
selected Group Shows
• 2019 Ethereal Summit art auction & exhibition (Artwork sold) - Pioneer Works. Brooklyn, New York, USA : May, 10th - may 11th
• 2019 Light. Love. Color. Exhibition - On the Fringe. Tribeca, New York, USA : January, 16th till march 1st
• 2018 Pre-scope Miami Exhibition - Salomon Arts Gallery. Tribeca, New York, USA : November, 10th till november 20th
• 2018 Contemporary art auction & exhibition (Artwork sold) - Rois Enchères. Frejus, France : July, 11th till august 12th
• 2017 Huge exhibition tour in China by Wuliangye - Beijing, Shangaï, Shenzen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xian et Shenyang, China : February - April
• 2016 Street Art and Contemporary Art Exhibition «9168 Paris-Rio» - MAC Museum (Maison des Arts de Créteil). Paris, France : October, 8th till december 12th.
• 2016 Exhibition In Chengdu China - Mintown NU Cultural Center. Chengdu, China : October, 1st till October, 31th
• 2016 DDESSIN 16 International Art fair - Atelier Richelieu. Paris, France : april 1st - 3rd
• 2015 Play Me I’m Yours, Exhibition & Performance : Painting on street pianos - Maison de la Radio - Café French Flair. Paris, France : june 21st - July 31st
• 2015 Black Book Graffiti Exhibition - Galerie Ycône. Paris, France : may 16th - june 6th
• 2015 Dali fait le mur Exhibition in Grenoble - Galerie NUNC. Grenoble, France : april 11th - may 23rd
• 2015 Dali fait le mur Exhibition in Strasbourg - La Popartiserie. Strasbourg, France : february 5th - march 4th
• 2014/2015 Dali Fait le Mur Exhibition - Espace Dali. Paris, France : september 11th - march 15th
• 2014 M’Cook Art (Artwork sold) Exhibition & Auction - Galerie Chaon, BHV, Pavillon Ledoyen. Grandville / Paris, France : may 3rd - september 13th
• 2014 Wall Street, l’Or de la Rue Exhibition - Bastille Design Center. Paris, France : april 3rd, 4th, 5th
• 2013 Madagasc’Art Exhibition & Auction - (Artwork sold) l’Alliance Française. Paris, France : june 4th, 5th, 6th
• 2012/2013 M’Cook Art Exhibition & Auction - (Artwork sold) Galerie Chaon, La Pérouse. Grandville / Paris, France : august 11th - april 15th
• 2018 Live painting for the 3rd anniversary of the restaurant le Pardon My French (PMF). East village, New York, USA : April, 29th
• 2017 Order of a mural in a Sichuan Food restaurant - L’Atelier Mala. Paris, France : November
• 2017 Order of a giant mural : 9 x 9m, in China in Lan Kwai Fong. Chengdu, China : August
• 2016 Order of a mural : 6 x 2m in the new LVMH offices - 24S (24 Sèvres). Paris, France : October
• 2016  Live Painting Performance @ Hopscotch for Glowee for la Nuit Blanche. Paris, France : October, 1st
• 2016 Order of a Giant Mural : 10x3m in China by the National Cultural Center : Mintown Nu Art, Kuixinglou Street. Chengdu, China : august, 27th - september, 7th
• 2016 Performance live Painting - RITUEL Party, Le Pavillon des Étangs. Paris, France : april 17th
• 2015 2X Performances live painting - 76 Wooster Street, former studios of Andy Warhol et Jean M.Basquiat. Soho, New York - USA. For Hanukkah december 6 & december 8th
• 2015 Performance live painting & exhibition @ Babël dimanche Party, Bowery Hotel. Soho, New York - USA november 29th
• 2015 Play Me I’m Yours, Exhibition & Performance, Painting on street pianos - Maison de la Radio & Café French Flai then on tour with the singer Camille in France. Paris, France : june 21st - July 31st
• 2015 Public performance, live painting in Aubervilliers, France June
• 2015 Realisation of cover’s album PRODUCTIONS - FarmWorker March

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