Materialized Light

New York
Led light panels
18 x 32 in
Materialized light is half a painting / half an installation.  

As it’s made of acrylic sheets that rest on a canvas, i like to call it « Acrylic on Canvas », but it’s not exactly the same as what we think about when we read this mention on a label. My canvas radiates from it’s luminosity and more : is interactive. Materialized light is a sample of futures installations and is going to be the main element of bigger set ups dialoging with sculptures, plants, abstract geometric shapes and sound.
Taming light

Working with light is so interesting, because this medium is slightly different from any other, it’s really unique. It’s not palpable, not material so you have to tame it just like a wild cat. Light is the beginning of everything: the Genesis in the Bible, the first thing you see on earth, and the last thing you will ever see, without light is total darkness. Finally, when light is well balanced it can produce a lot of curious, delightful and trippy effects on our body.  
Meditation / Hypnose

Take a bath of light, like in light therapy for example, your body will start to react to it positively, it’s now producing a lot more of melatonin and serotonin, the first one is produced to generate sleep and the second one is the hormone of happiness. It can even replace medication for certain diseases. This light panels can do the same effect, certainly it can light up a full room with a wonderful blend of many different colors, it can even react to the music or voices, but where it finds it’s essential nature, it’s in the fact that it has an hypnotizing/meditative effect, try having a bath of this monolith made of light.